18-08-16 Sheraton MOE for Mumma

Thursday 18th August 2016

Never thought I’d admit it, but I did just now: I could do with a day free from Kingsley. As much as the kid is my life, I am aware that my own sanity requires a day away from the boy…and into some five star luxury.

So here I am bikini clad, together with Camilla and Rio’s mum Saadia visiting from the UK, at the glamorous Sheraton Mall of the Emirates, up on the 24th floor overlooking the Arabian Gulf and Burj Al Arab. It’s searing hot and our aim is to chill in the water without running after our wild kids.

Kingsley of course is in great hands while I splash about, reading books with JiaJia Dôra and eating her paximâthia dunked in milky coffee. We all of us are happy, stable and sane benefiting from a day apart.

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