Kingsley: Eggs

7th July 2016

Over the course of the last two months, eggs have become a daily protein source for this little athlete. Each mid morning, after a banana and a bottle of milk for his breakfast, Kingsley enjoys two or three eggs sunny side up, while watching home videos on my iPad (the screen of which he broke. GRRR).

We began the egg love affair while in Australia earlier this year, when truth be told I would become lazy in the kitchen if mum had not cooked that day. I figured eggs are healthy and as nutritionists call them, a ‘complete food’, perfect for growing little people.

In Greece for early summer May-June, and eggs provided Kingsley with so much energy that I could rely on them to sustain him till lunchtime. Two eggs per day, before we headed out to the beach, became his standard breakfast, along with a piece of buttery toast and a banana.

Now back in Dubai after three months abroad, and the little champ is growing taller before our very eyes…and eating much more than ever before. It’s usually three eggs in the frying pan at around 12:30pm sizzling away that draws the boy to his high chair these days. Oh, and the promise of his favourite cartoons, Zac & Quack.