26-03-19 Twins: Bed Sharing

Tuesday 26th March 2019

Elektra now smiles in response to JiaJia. Its been a few dsys now. I watched her today smile her gummy 2 month old smile while Jiajia cuddled her, clearly after a feed because there are no pleasantries before a feed when mouths are hungry.

We as a family bed share. More precisely any bed we’re using is always occupied by at least two! So currently it’s Electra Keanu and I in the milking station room.  Other times its Keanu & Jiajia in her retreat. Rarely its Kingsley with Jiajia. Once last week whrn Erroll got stuvk on Cairns it was me, Kingsley and Elektra. Each night its Erroll & Kingsley in his big boy bed.

Its quite safe for babies to share their parents’ bed as long as the parents are not smokers, drunk or drugged or morbidly obese. And we don’t use waterbeds. Its such great emotional security knowing we’re at arm’s length from any of our three. I actually sleep better next to the critters. And did I mention how cosy it is!