24-11-20 Twins: Daddy’s Painting

Tuesday 24th November 2020

While daddy paints the Surry Hills apartment we three take an adventure to Spider Park for a picnic with Claudia.

Elektra as always falls asleep immediately after we set off from the house remaining asleep while Keanu plays. He finds a hairy caterpillar and pokes sticks at it. I pour Japanese green tea and we share κουλουράκια.

Keanu is envious so takes his own Tupperware, out of the buggy basket, full of cookies to nibble on / chuck at pigeons. At one point Elektra wakes from pissing her nappy then becomes a cling-on, won’t leave my lap until the mention of waterplay at the tap.

Keanu’s turn is next to pass out in the buggy over an hour of blessed napping while I push all those Kilos (at least 45!) uphill to Randwick for a shop, a feed, a nappy change and a wee.

Current obsessions – Elektra must carry her baby everywhere (either of the twin babies will do); Keanu laps up the rib eye fillet second day in a row! At $60 per kilo this is one expensive source of protein, but well worth it. I scold mum for feeding Elektra cinnamon roll, which the child laps up when dunked in Γιαγιά milky coffee.