01-10-17 All day JiaJia

Sunday 1st October 2017

My third trip to IKEA while in Greece was today. I went alone again. The thought of such a long commute with a preschooler tagging along to a shopping destination fills me with dread. So he stayed with JiaJia all day.

How can a tiny bachelor unit consume so much of my energy and dedication? I’ll tell you why. Because in 34 days Erroll will be here and there is nothing like a cosy home filled with beautiful furniture to spend his unpaid leave among.

So off I go to IKEA Athen Airport with a playground dad who kindly drops me off there. I’m returning a 75×75cm table which literally doesn’t fit in the apartment. Meanwhile Kingsley gets to play all day at the park, eat JiaJia’s tasty koulourākia and kick the ball around with Maximos his mate from last summer.

When the 122 bus drops me at Saronītha they spot me and I spot them. Kingsley’s on the swings. JiaJia Dora prompts him; says ‘go to the playground gates; there’s a surprise for you!’ And just as he did there I turned up. ‘Mummà MUMMÀ You’ve come home! Come play with the bāla. I’ve had THE BEST day with JiaJia …’

JiaJia is a champ. She is now ready and able to take Kingsley for four nights when Erroll and I go away come November!