27-10-19 Twins: Temple of Posiedon

Sunday 27th October 2019

Morning is action packed: leaving Kingsley with Pony we four make our way to Anavissos to retrieve Linus’ slides from the beach. I’m determined to find the slides as Pa-Paw gave them to hin this year. Plus they’re cool slides.

Then carry twins and hauling a very active Linus about, we head to ancient holy land, Sounio, by Pullman. Neither baby cried for both legs of the trip. Goats milk in bottles keeping them full and chipper.

As with Linus whom I brought to Sounio age 11 months, and haven’t stopped bringing him, today we begin these childrens’ lifelong exposure to antiquity, me carrying Apollo (as he’s called when in Greece), Erroll carrying the sleeping Elektra.