05-11-19 Kingsley: ATH-DXB

Tuesday 5th November 2019

Absolutely the final day of school for this champ who is rewarded for his excellent behaviour in school and at home that he gets to go to the theatre today! Best of all the school bus comes early for him and drops him home. Kingsley us all smiles!

As a good deed of appreciation we sent Linus to school with a gold leaf torte and a hand written note expressing his thanks, on the background of his art work.

As our final evening in Greece progressed my stress levels rose dealing with the 3 hungry mouths and stinky bums and great desires to nap let alone pack our bags and clean the house. The gift Βίκυ brought Linus comes in so handy – DUPLO all arvo the three of them. Can’t believe the entertainment!

Then of course the meltdown to end all meltdowns as Linus’ DUPLO tower breaks apart as I attempt to photograph it. CUE a full hour of hyperventilating and histrionics. An airplane sighting made all the difference to him: he took a breath. And once the Control Tower was ahead of us, well the smiles began. Kingsley was restored for we are about to embark on his favourite pass time: fly again.