03-08-20 Kingsley: Playdate with Jesse

Monday 3rd August 2020

Such a treat: Miss Kavita picks Kingsley and Jesse from school and takes them to their home for an afternoon of slime and painting. In their bodies! They eat pizza and hot chippies. No mumma Alice to dampen the proceedings. Erroll could barely get Kingsley into the car at 7pm when he fetched him.

The morning however was a more sober affair with Graham our mailman delivering to the door a wrapped package addressed to Kingsley from non other than Mr Matt Townsend, school principal. He enclosed a letter of congratulations, for Kingsley had completed his first book on maths and English comprehension. ‘inside you’ll find your next book on money time and fractions, things you need to know if you plan on becoming a pilot or astronaut or doctor or whatever you wish to become’ wrote Mr Townsend. Of course Kingsley began on the book immediately completing three sheets over his eggs sunny side up.