03-01-18 Dusit Thani by Night

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

While daddy slept off an illness (man-flu; dubious) Kingsley and I played in the living room, fixed a couple of eggs for breakfast, painted with watercolours, coloured in and watched YouTube. We also swept then mopped the house. The child cooked his own dinosaur-shaped pasta for lunch too: chose the pot, added salt to the water, boiled the pasta, drained it in a colander then added butter, reheat the lot and stirred…then served. All the while ww giggled at Erroll snores.

Cabin fever set in – for the both of us – so leaving the invalid in bed we skipped off to the Dusit Thani. On New Years Eve we were denied access to this playground much to Kingsley’s distress. But today we seem to have been granted an access-all-areas card! The kiddo runs wild, jumping from slide to castle to see-saw to mini merry-go-round. Faster and faster he wants to go, so I push harder and harder and peels of laughter made me laugh but then the kiddo got dizzy, lost his footing then fell off the blue horse.

My empathic nurse skills kicked in and he howled in my arms. The promise of a supermarket shop fixed him right up (!) so off we went to Delma for our usual-laban, chapati, bananas. At home the patient told his dad all about the head knock and I kicked back for the night. Daddy can take over now. My work is done!