03-09-20 Kingsley: Playdate with Jesse

Thursday 3rd September 2020

This Playdate has been planned for over a fortnight. The build up and excitement has often overwhelmed Kingsley. And so much so that this morning before school Kingsley sent Jesse a home video. He also packed all the Little Tree House Books that are doubles so that Jesse could complete his collection.

Kavita did the school pick up and I did the Coles shop for chocolate flavoured milk and a box of Magnums. Kids in chocolate heaven. Once I’m arrived Kingsley barely acknowledges me he’s so engrossed on playtime. And also is spazzing out from the 8 jelly babies Kavita gave each of them. Twins do poo the instant we arrive, nothing new there. And Erroll arrives at 5:30 after receiving his first haircut in months. Getting Kingsley to leave Jesse and / or the Zip Line playground is impossible, so I just leave with the twins. Kingsguard is in great hands as daddy’s arrived.

Meanwhile today some me time: I finally got to have lunch with cousin Roula. A decadent Lindt once cream lunch.