07-02-21 Kingsley: Andersen’s Icecream Parlour

Sunday 7th February 2021

OMG do we butt heads today. I am all for Linus doing his own thing but I actually cannot while I’ve got the babies with us. It isn’t pleasant at all the three kids together and I try my best not to lose my temper but by God I do. Poor Kingsley is just a 7 year old wanting to explore and I’m on edge because Elektra gets tired and Keanu escapes from the pram!

I even resorted to sending Kings off into the surf with afew of the older Coogee Dolphins boys because I felt bad for him having to stick around the tent on Goldstein Reserve while the water beckoned.

We saw Teah and Isaac with their respective families but Kingsley didn’t swim with them. He swam with new boys while I dealt with bored babies, stinky nappies, escaping twins. Luckily the hunger situation was abated with the Dolphins sausage sizzle (Kingsley eating the Sunblest white bread the babies eating three sausages!) then what a mission to bathe Kingsley so full of sand including ears. Then the trophy cup for him: for the first time I agree to get quality icecream! He’s shocked! Andersen’s Icecream Parlour smells heavenly! Kings (wisely) chooses vanilla bean in an incomparably delicious wafer cup. The kids protest after one taste of their big brothers: so out comes my credit card again for their own cups! All three children for the first time all bloody day are happy and quiet AND STILL!