Kingsley: 6AM

What a morning. By 6:30AM we had already changed the bed sheets twice, had two showers, changed clothing twice, put on a load of washing, brought in the dry washing from the line, hung up wet items, fed Kingsley a couple of times, expressed a bottle of milk for nursery, taken a home video of a happy chatty clean-bottomed baby and packed both our bags.

Only because he is adorable (and my beloved son) do I find it all rather charming: you know – being woken at 6AM from too much poo to be contained in his nappy. It was downright hysterical that the very same thing happened but afew hours earlier. Yep; at 2 or 3AM (who knows?) I was up with the boy, stripping him of his stinky clothes, and showering him off. What on earth came over you today, King?! Oh that’s right: you are 6 months of age!!

Busy in the morning. Kingsley likes his 6AM wake-ups.

Busy in the morning. Kingsley likes his 6AM wake-ups.

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