28-08-20 Kingsley: Lachie Flying Fox

Friday 28th August 2020

Its my joy to take Linus to school and pick him up today as daddy is painting the apartment. No twins taking him but I’m loaded like a camel for after school. We’re headed to the flying fox, happen to see Lachie at pick up zone chatting with Linus who excitedly tells me afterwards that he’s been invited to the bowling alley with Lachie. A call to Nikki tells me that it ain’t happening as Anya is so poorly they’re off to the hospital for the dreaded covid PCR test. “Bring Lachie to me then; we’re at Zip Line park.”

So for the next hour Kingsley has his buddy plus a blue ball and various tricks to play with. Lachie every now and again clashes with Kingsley mainly when Kingsley becomes possessive of “my ball” and won’t share. I snap THAT out of him quick sticks “SHARE OR ELSE WE GO HOME” I yell and loudly too, in Greek. He’s mortified and shares instantly!

Meanwhile any time Lachie fancies a moment with one of the twins – say, wants to push them on the swing – all of a sudden Kingsley feels the urge to show affection or even just acknowledge his siblings, swoops down to where Lachie is and pushes him aside to faux play with the babies! Such a sook our big boy is.