20-08-17 With Daddy

Sunday 20th August 2017

I got alone time in the Dubai Mall today. By myself; no little person with me. This is newsworthy as Kingsley is usually my partner in consumerism. But today Erroll is in town so after breakfast and lunch (I even managed to play the Good Wife by fixing the boys a nutritious brunch of eggs, cheese, baked beans & sauteed mushrooms before I made my escape) the door is closed behind me and I am free! Never mind that its to the doctor I go – the dermatologist is today removing silly old skin tags – the final remains of my pregnancy), I am alone.

While gone, daddy plays rough-house with the kiddo on our massive bed; they play Sharks, they tickle, the play Ice Man and as such use the vacuum hose to squirt the zombies till they fall back on the bed from whence they emerge for hours on end. At one point Erroll gives Kingsley his pressies from Orlando: a red ball he won in the penny arcade and PJ Masks-themed water squirters for non stop water time fun (according to the packaging).

In the evening I get even more alone time! Off they go to the park and then the pool. A swim is necessary these evenings as Dubai humidity is sky high: August temperatures aren’t too hot (low 40’s); its the 85% humidity that chokes our throats and makes sweating a national passtime. The boys throw themselves in the pool, waddle through the door dripping, coming home to a pot of steaming vegetarian pasta. Welcome home darlings!