02-09-20 Kingsley: Back to School

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Finally a morning wherein Kingsley wakes in a good mood pain free and not crying: the tonsillitis is resolving. Which says to me he’s going to school. I receive resistance to sending him off from Erroll but I’m adamant Kingsley will not miss 3 days of school.

So after force feeding the child banana, apple, cheesy toast and eggs he’s reading a book (its at reading a morning book that he moans and cries but as I’ve repeated a hundred times, I’m not rearing a lazy illiterate child. SO READ THE DAMN BOOK CHILD) then brushing teeth, washing hands, doing wee then off to school.

Today’s extra-curricular activities are French then jiu-jitsu . The child returns home with his lunch box untouched and a Father’s Day card in French! In Kingsley’s own hand “joyeuse fête des Pères”. I’m weepy!