Kingsley: Development

March 25th 2014

Our poppet grows stout and becomes more aware of his surroundings each day. I am not sure I could love this baby any more that I do right now…but I am assured by my more experienced mummy friends that yes, I shall in fact love and adore the child and be ever more charmed by his ways, as he grows and grows.

And grow our Kingsley does. He is thriving in fact. Right now our baby’s neck strength is improving. When I hold him upright, I no longer see his head wobbling. And when I lay him down on his stomach (the dreaded tummy time) now at three months of age, Kingsley shows enough upper-body strength to support his head and chest with his arms and enough lower body strength to stretch out his legs and kick.

Aleka at 20 with her cousin King at 3.5 months of age. Coogee, Sydney

Aleka at 20 with her cousin King at 3.5 months of age. Coogee, Sydney

Playing with King and presenting his toys to him is loads of fun, too. The early signs of hand-eye coordination are there. Kingsley’s hands open and shut (they used to be for the past three months, balled up in fists), come together, swipe at colourful dangling toys, briefly grab a toy or rattle, then go straight into the mouth.

I am not the only one charmed by the King’s wee ways. Here is his twenty year old cousin Aleka, completely smitten with the boy; our progressive, wonderful, clever Kingsley.

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