26-09-20 Kingsley: Lyne Park

Saturday 26th September 2020

As a 20 and 30-something single, corporate working girl the only time I’d visit Rose Bay was to fine dine and day drink with friends at Catalina. Nowadays its to the playground at Lyne Park that I head to the babies toddling around our picnic Kingsley and his buddies Antony and Michaela flying kites or attempting to climb the playground structures.

On both counts Linus cries: true tears of distress. Firstly when Antony wouldn’t share his kite, and second time when he couldn’t manage to climb onto the roof of the pirate ship just as Antony had. I figured that Kings was dehydrated and probably a little hungry so couldn’t command his emotions well. Off I go to fetch the boys water then a treat: chocolate milk. Gulping both drinks quickly the lads recalibrate and proceed to share and play well together again.