Kingsley: Last day at 5 month old

Friday 6th June 2014

For the final day of Kingsley as a five month old, I dressed him in a hat and his father took him for a long walk…while I partied away at a friend’s farewell brunch! Oh this may sound like terrible parenting, but I was really torn over whether to take Kingsley with me. But I know I chose correctly – by leaving him with Erroll for four hours – because a boozy lunch in a swanky hotel is not fair (or fun) for any of the stakeholders.

Kingsley out on the town on the final day as a five month old

Kingsley out on the town on the final day as a five month old

So instead of dealing with a cranky, tired, wriggly infant at the  dinner table, I chose to deal with the important business of selecting my crustaceans and oysters and prawns from the chilled seafood basket.

Meanwhile, father and son wandered about the Financial Centre for a couple of hours and then when Erroll thought hunger would strike, he attempted to feed Kingsley peach and banana porridge. This was promptly spat out. All over Erroll. In another universe I was attempting a world record of stacking ever more lobster tails onto my plate. Didn’t spit those out, rest assured.

6 months 008

Kingsley’s last day as a five month old

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