Kingsley: Crisps

Friday 26th August 2016

My head still aches at the sight / thought of Kingsley eating crisps…but that is exactly what I caught him doing this evening at the salon as we waited for his JiaJia to get her hair blow dried. Believe me, he knew strife was gonna kick off the instant he saw me staring back at him with arms crossed, that this stuff is contraband; never ever in the house, most definitely never eaten at birthday parties (heck, Kingsley does not even get cake) and most certainly not craved for during grocery shopping (he nibbles on grapes, bread sticks and Babybell cheese – wild times!!)

So how did it happen that our boy got his mitts on a large packet of Frito Lays? It happened sometime between the minutes I wearily slumped on a comfy salon chair, tipping into mindlessness (a.k.a social media binge) and when it occurred to me that I could no longer hear Kingsley’s loud voice and stomping feet. I all of a sudden become conscious of his absence. No longer could I hear the familiar sounds of  the salon being wrecked (tubes and bottles weren’t crashing to the floor nor were posters / hair extensions being torn from walls). So why was he quiet??

Off I hop from Facebook and the chair my big arse felt comfy in, turn to where Mumma’s hair is being restored to perfect highlighted light brown, and in the basin chair I spot Kingsley chuckling at his loot and daintily nibbling on every single chippy like it is mana from kidlet heaven. ‘WHY HAVE YOU WITHHELD THIS DELICIOULY SALTY FATTY AIRY WAFERY OILY CRUNCHY ER…FOOD, MUMMÁ?? he almost asked, but didn’t as he stuffed crisp after crisp into a very accommodating mouth.

The female salon assistants all fawned over the child and they, in their bid to win over this little cutie/control his wild destructive ways, offered him a chip…and it was game over for them. Kingsley claimed as his the entire bag, sat contentedly in the basin chair and went about his newly found business of getting his fill. I faux yelled; Kingsley smiled wickedly; his JiaJia Dôra defended the girls saying it was their only way to control him…since you were off with the Facebook fairies in another room Aliki…

Ok, ok, ok point taken (yawn). Kingsley, you may have just one more chippy then…

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