22-05-18 Where is JiaJia Dora?

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Much to my own surprise I’ve got loads of tricks up my sleeve to entertain an energetic child straight after school. For starters we hit the shops a) for a kaimāki ice cream then b) giant sesame kouloūri from the Mr. Giorgio’s fourno. Next pat the homeless dogs feeding the newest one (whom we’ve named Asproūla) half the ice cream. Of course we visit the playground; draw the Greek flag using blue chalk we found under the olive tree, then proceed to eat our picnic.

The afternoon sun is golden so to the beach we go. Today we both dive right in; Kingsley’s swimming. Laughing and swimming; salty water tastes horrible and he gags. Last time I experienced such crystalline waters was in Hydra back in the era Before Child.

Today three brothers completely ignore Kingsley however with encouragement from their Mum one of them plays catch with him. The mum on the other hand is completely taken by Linus, swimming, hugging, playing, splashing. Her boys won’t stop yelling ‘Mummà;  MUMMÀ! ‘ He seemed okay by their snub (he’s won their mum’s attention after all). I of course feel like yelling at them / educating them to be civic-minded. But then I check myself and fugure they may not have the most pleasant of experiences at home.

To compensate for their socially awkward deneanour (even toward me!) the mum offers us choc chip cookies. Kingsley lost no time in taking three. Her kids lose it at her!!

By 6:30 both Kingsley and I are showered thanks to the outdoor hoses, changed and through the front door. ‘Poū eīne i JiaJia Dora? JiaJia DORA!! Pou EĪSE??‘. Little man wants his JiaJia, rings her number, gets cranky, and bellows its late! Its almost 10:30!! Then proceeds to tell her about his day and that we swam in the sea, then adieu JiaJia!