27-02-17 Karama Park

Monday 27th February 2017

I decided that instead of spending seven days cleaning the apartment top to bottom while Erroll is abroad (like I did last time Erroll flew DXB-SYD-AUK-SYD-DXB) I shall take Kingsley on adventures to parks he/we have not yet visited. Dubai these days is putting on an admirable effort of cool weather that is ideal for outdoor pursuits. So after breakfast and lunch today at precisely 1:30 PM we are out the door en route to Karama Park.

This little patch of green is a sweet antidote to the medium and high density buildings of chaotic Karama. Within its small boundaries lies a old-fashioned clock (doesn’t work), a weather vane, and areas to play cricket (a group of happy young Indian men playing today). We met the local cat – very friendly and clean and approachable but not interested in our offerings of butter biscuits) and a lovely young family whose 18 month old followed Kingsley everywhere. Plenty of people were picnicking, chatting, reading and ambling. There are brick paths for strolling, lanes for jogging or cycling, and grassy areas or benches for just sitting and people watching.

During our day Kingsley discovered his zest for running fast and did not flinch when he fell. (The poor pigeons did not have a chance to settle on the grass after their flight before he was racing toward them again). I flinched however when the scamp detected muddy sand and behind my back (I was chatting with the engaging young Indian mum from International City) dug deep with his hands, fists and knees.

All in all a rewarding first encounter with Karama Park: Kingsley’s dirty knees are testament to that!