05-05-19 Kingsley: Man of the Match

Sunday 5th May 2019

A letter sent to Camilla in Dubai:

So good you are enrolling Laylz into Piano! Well I’ve got similar news to share with you both –

To keep you girls up dated wev6e recently enrolled Kingsley into Tennis (every Saturday) and Rugby (Tuesdays & Sundays). The rest of the week he’s at Jiu-jitsu. Tuesday lunches he’s in Chess (totally loves it!!) And on Wednesdays he is in languages. In fact this Wednesday he’s in Greek class.

Today he attended his first rugby match representing the team he plays for the Coogee Dolphins. Scored 3 Trys, tackled fearlessly, sliced his knee skin open on the field and won Man of the Match. Who would have thought!!! Here he is holding on to his award The Golden Boot…