The Seychelles

Fancy spending time on a tropical island paradise where the temperature rarely drops below 24 degrees or rises above 32 degrees? Well come to The Seychelles where the climate is always warm, the scenery always stunning and the views forever breathtaking.

Choose from any of the 115 islands which make up this Republic. 41 of these are massively tall and made of granite, boulders of which seem to tumble into the Indian Ocean before our very eyes.

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Seychelles 134

It was back in 1770 that the islands were first settled by the French, and remained in French hands till the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. At that moment in time – when The Seychelles were ceded to Britain under the treaty of Paris in 1814 – the population was 3500.

Diverse and rare was the flora and fauna back then, and indeed it remains so till this day, with a full 50% of the landmass being set aside as national parks and reserves. UNESCO has in fact declared two geographic areas as World Heritage Sites: Aldabra, the world’s largest raised coral atoll, and Praslin’s Vallee de Mai, a place that conjures images of the original Garden of Eden.

Here, in this living museum of natural beauty, if the world’s tiniest frog doesn’t impress you, then the largest and oldest tortoises, should.

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North Beach, Mahe Island

So if the watersports don’t float your boat, your taste buds will thank you for the culinary adventures you will surely take while on The Seychelles. Think Creole cuisine underpinned by French cooking and enhanced by the influences of its 87,000 strong multi-ethnic population: Italian, Chinese, Indian, Arab and Persian settlers.

Seafood has never been fresher, and fruit never as juicy, as when they are eaten here, on The Seychelles.

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