Kingsley: 4 Month Vaccination

Hurrah! Our son is rendered immune to dangerous bugs which would otherwise cause great illness, discomfort and in the worst of circumstances, death to any vulnerable little one. PERISH THE THOUGHT. Some mums reckon immunizations are the cause of childhood autism, but both Erroll and I believe this is outrageous and dangerous thinking, based on nothing more than a lay person’s ill-founded and ignorant opinion.

Erroll carries our four month old to his pediatrician for jabs. Dubai.

Erroll carries our four month old to his pediatrician for jabs. Dubai.

Well, we were having none of it. And so to the clinic we three trot, Kingsley in his favourite spot – riding front and centre of his dad kangaroo styles – the week our boy turned four months of age.

What a star patient King was with the nurses that day. I knew from his two month jabs that in order to reduced the probability of him crying, l would just have to offer the boob before the jabs (as the nurses were preparing the needles) and immediately after. Mothers milk is like an elixir you see. In fact breastfeeding during a painful procedure such as a blood-draw or immunization provides analgesia to infants, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

So out came the milkshake makers the instant those kindly nurses withdrew their needles from our son’s thighs. He let out one shocked bellow, and into his open trembling mouth I shoved his favourite possession: a boob.


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