21-12-20 Kingsley: Secondlast Day of Jiu-jitsu for the Year

Monday 21st December 2020

Through the rain and a bus commute Kingsley gets to spar at his Dojo for the second last day of 2020. We’ve taken the more troublesome of the twins with us, Elektra, who quite enjoys being pushed about in wet weather. Keanu stays home with Γιαγιά after the babies take a midday nap. We leave Kingsley to do his thing on the mat after wiping feet and hands, shop, return and shop some more Kingsley asking for a bubble milkshake after class. How do you know you’ll like it? Brookie bought me one once, and I loved it! So $6.50 later, Kingsley is teasing Elektra with his iced chocolate bubble milkshake, she’s BELLOWING for some, I force him to share, she wants more, NOW, but Kingsley is not sharing. He does however hand her the empty vessel which actually satisfies the child as we shop at Coles.

Home through the rain to read more books as a condition of using my phone. I’m determined for Kingsley to get through every single one of his books on either side of his bed, they be stored in the bookcase and we begin Year 2 with chapter books. Plus its one way I can withstand his insistence to play – read books. That and play with your siblings. Its a real sore point as he claims not to know how to play with them and wishes ‘they are older so we can play. Not little like this’. So I lose my my shit and ban him from the phone till he plays with me then. Crying, tantrums, hysterics…but no phone. I help him out – throw them all some Play Doh, and sure enough the three of them get along marvellously.

What makes me so incredibly pleased is that we discover a rout, walk or escargatoire of snails but meters from home. They’re enjoying the lush grass slithering about soaking up the rain. Kingsley’s spellbound and takes a photo.