02-05-17 Back to School

Tuesday 2nd May 2017

After a truly glorious and action packed three-day weekend its back to school. Fearing he’d lose the interest or motivation to return to preschool I was fretting a tiny bit especially last night when it all about ensuring Kingsley receives 12 hours sleep. Oh, and a full tummy before bed.

But I needn’t have doubted the kid for we’re up before the 7:30am alarm and he’s asking to a) blow his nose; b) drink some water; c) do a wee; d) eat an apple (!!) and most thrillingly e) whether he is going to school today.

Again Kingsley throws himself onto the school bus with a cheery “kaliměra” to Miss Xristīna and the half asleep kids. One is actually fully slumped over. The others have their mouths hanging open. We’ve got a live wire with Dorøtheos on the other hand…