Kingsley: Last Day as a 7 Month Old

Wednesday 6th August 2014

Today my darling lamb is still a teeny infant: a seven month old (albeit stout, strong and adventuresome). Kingsley’s favourite things to do currently include: breastfeeding (number one of course), playing with his pa on the mat, blowing bubbles with his mouth, chattering away in the morning, eating yoghurt, going for long walks attached to either parent, attempting to stand then cruise along furniture, and finally, watching Peppa Pig in Greek (true!)

To us, Kingsley represents the zenith of our happiness. Each moment together with our NiNii is the universe and all its possibilities, incarnate. I have never known a more charming, physically beautiful, smiley little person. Ever. Love is just the beginning of what we feel for our boy King…

Last days as a seven month old.

Last days as a seven month old.

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