30-08-18 Ba-Bāh is Back

Thursday 30th August 2018

A letter to Mika

Erroll arrived today into Saronida and its been non stop family affection from the minute Erroll raced out of Dionysus’ cab to sweep Kingsley into his arms. Indeed its been very special from the moment we all clapped eyes on one another at 3:30pm. The lads have been playing board games, completing puzzles, making play-doh figurines.

Then the two of them went to the town square to play soccer, then they went for a swim, showered outdoors and wandered up shoeless. We three all met up at the playground and kicked the ball around till 8:30pm as the sun was setting.

At night we ate a Dora special (red salsa chicken).

Kingsley categorically told JiaJia Dora this morning that ‘Mummà will be sleeping in your bed because Ba-Bāh is arriving today and I will be sleeping with Ba-Bāh, so Mummà will go in your bed, JiaJia…’. When JiaJia in turn asked Δωρόθεος ‘…where will I therefore sleep…?’ he quickly answered ‘somewhere else JiaJia, but not here because there won’t be any room for Mummà and Ba-Bāh…’. Poor JiaJia is off for the week to Marina’s!

I’ve booked our 6 day trip away to the Cyclades island Kea!!! Kingsley remains with Dora (and attends school) while us love birds go make whoopy on the greek islands! Dates: 10-15th Sept we’re child free and holding hands into the sunset.

Here is our sunset as we enjoyed family time together…