16-11-16 Reunions in Dubai with Bah-Báh

Wednesday 16th November 2016

As is grown into habit, our family stay bolted indoors the day after arriving back into the country. We simply adore our Dubai home – and each other – and an outdoor walk or grocery shop holds zero appeal for any of us, especially after time spent apart. So inside we remain all day with the odd venture into the light-bathed balconies in order to take  clothes off the line.

Erroll today looks particularly dashing; he has been eating right and taking regular exercise while Kingsley and I have been gorging on souvláki and bread over the past nine days. In a bid to hide a newly acquired muffin top I make efforts by wearing my new t-shirts bought in Lavrio, and very happily accept compliments from a pleased husband in a stolen moment on the balcony. Kingsley however does not take kindly to any public displays of affections between us and pretend cried when I plant a kiss on Erroll’s cheek over dinner. In fact Kingsley in a show of defiance refuses his dinner (delicious bean and vegetable soup care of Mumma Dora), pushes me away, and commences hitting his Bah-Báh on the forearm with each kiss I plant.

This is Kingsley’s day so I accept taking a back seat to proceedings – this the much anticipated reunion between son and his Bah-Báh. They play all day with puzzles, and chalk boards, doctor’s sets and even assemble a (pink) kitchen together. I get to sleep in, read my neglected novel, take a shower, and reminisce over the past week and a half we spent in Greece from the moment Erroll sent us through Customs to us farewelling the homeland…



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