29-05-16 Chat with Erroll

Sunday 29th May 2016

A fortnight in Saronîtha already completed, and feeling like I could forget the cares of the world just by living so simply here. However, I wake heavily, with a headache and for the first time since arriving, disorientated for a millisecond. Immediately I put it down to the fact that I slept a full night, without being woken by Kingsley or a terrorist mozzie. Straight through till 9AM. And instantly I figure out why: the electric mozzie zapper I plugged in the wall. Did it actually work??

Kingsley wakes hungry. He gets three pieces of brown bread with French butter, followed by two eggs and some orange, then at midday veal sausages. And when Giorgio pays us a visit, Kingsley eats delicious green beans with mince casserole. By now he is sleepy from his body attempting to digest, so we pass out for an hour.

Following is correspondence from today between erroll and I…

Your messages of love get more and more thrilling. Like you save photos I send you, I save your love letters in my Hotmail. One day I may make a book of them. I like reading about your day, how you proceed throughout your waking hours. I would like to tell you that I do exercise…but I don’t!! You do enough for both of us. Loool. I like explaining how my day went too, and sending photos. I have attempted to send short videos, but it seems impossible. So I will store them on the cloud, if I can.

It’s late: 10:30pm, and K is passed out after eating biftèki & patatoûles (potato chippies) after his shower, which was necessary after swims this arvo and sweaty playing /chasings with Fîvos his neighbour and little friend. Our day and night has been full, and pleasantly so, as the fresh air and sunshine, plus easy access playground, the beach with zero waves, and lots of kids and mums in the ‘hood makes life really good.

Here is a rundown of today’s events:
1. Morning play Visits from family Danæ then Giorgio.
2. Danae delivers home-cooked meal enough for our lunch and dinner tomorro bring Monday as they wont be here to take K and I out for lunch.
3. Nap 1.5 hours
4. Off to 3pm Greek style feast up the mountains. Divine view.
5. Drive town to glorious small port Palèas Fôkias to watch the fishermen bring in their boats. Wander the harbour, then playground for K.
6. Home for an hour rest, lights out.
7. Walk to beach, swim play with 4 year old boy for an hour as sun sets
8. Straight to playground to meet Fîvos and his cool mum Louisa, play till 9
9. Home together, part ways at the door, mega tears, shower together, eat biftéki and more patatoûles before passing out.

Now, to you: how good are BEROCCA??!! They come recommended by lots of doctors. If ever on sale, buy yourself the tasty orange ones. NEVER the foul red ones. Loool. Write back darling!

Love your wife x

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On May 29, 2016, at 17:24, erroll hartley <eza112@hotmail.com> wrote:

Oh Hi Darling,

What precious photos of K I adore them so!I saved them straight away.I look at all the photos you send all the time.I am now in bed so fresh and so clean after a workout in the gym.I was the only one in there.I did a half an hour jog on the treadmill while watching Masterchef Australia then got on the rowing machine,sit-ups and some weights.Feeling great but it is now time for sleepy times.I just had a long hot shower so so good.I felt poorly on the flight with a sniffly nose and sore throat all good though the purser gave me a orange berocca and some cold & flu tablets.I feel much better since I am fit and I guess I recover much faster.It is a cool 15 degrees here in WA so pleasant.Tomorrow is mum’s birthday and I will be sure to give her a call on behalf of you,K and myself.Also to check if she has received the flowers,vase,chocolates and message from the Dubai Hartleys.I will also go to woollies/Coles to get a few things,pickup some dark brown socks for work at Myers or DJ’s,then put some $$$$ into K’s account at commonwealth bank,hit up the gym again,eat something healthy,sleep then come back to Dubai.Know that I love you & K more than you can possibly fathom.Both of you are my everything and inspiration!
Goodnight family and I plan on dreaming about you both through the night until the Aussie sunrise.

Much Love Your Man Downunder.xxxx

On 29 May 2016, at 21:59, Alice Hartley <alice.tzannetis@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi darling!
By now you have landed in Perth, and gearing up for your run along the Swan River. Théo Giorgio and Danaë stayed in Saronîtha last night, so this morning we have had a full house entertaining both of them, but separately, as they came up to our apartment at different times, which I prefer as Kingsley plays one on one with both so well, and adores them.

First Danaë arrived with a t shirt gift for me, and spent an hour playing puzzles with K ( which I bought while in Lávrio: alphabet, clock, body). Then Giorgio followed carrying a plate of delicious green beans and veal mince which Danæ fixed for us to gave tomorrow when they are gone. Plus he was up for the same funsies with his great nephew as Danæ had and must have reported back to him. At 2:30pm we all head out for lunch by the sea somewhere: a tavérna that sells tasty seafood no doubt.

Here is your boy chilling on the couch right now…