03-11-19 Twins: Naps

Sunday 3rd November 2019

Keanu is out of his normal napping routine. Where he should be on two naps a day our son fights them, turns delirious, can’t sleep, if he does nap wakes soon after, can’t resettle. Poor kid. I don’t help the situation either schlepping him about, dunking him in the fresh Saronic waters (especially after today’s mighty poo) and feeding him his current favourite addiction: goat’s milk bottle after bottle. But three kiddies is near impossible to cope with cooped up!

So out we head as a family, Kingsley diving in the water with Erroll first then Keanu with me, Elektra missing out as she goes to the airport. Then once Erroll and Elektra are back Kingsley dives in yet again. I know the kiddies are starving so they receive γιαγιά Δώρα chicken and macaroni mashed in her blender plus yoghurt once home from our day’s adventure.

Tonight the babies’ second cousins visit on us and boy don’t they spoil all three kids. Vicky and family dress the children from Mothercare. Elektra is crying much these days disliking when she’s away from me. Keanu on the other hand is simply happy to be held by loving arms whomever they’re attached to.