14-02-17 Happy Valentines!

Tuesday 14th February 2017

New toothbrush (with suction cup for sticking on the mirror) and toothpaste for Kingsley; two boxes (that is 60 days’ worth) of orange flavour Berocca for me. Valentines Day is brought to us this year from our traveling darling, just home from London with a suitcase full of loot from his favourite store in Crawley – ASDA. Kingsley and I came home this late afternoon to a sleeping husband/Ba-Bah and a dining room table completely covered with groceries. Bliss! Valentines Day evening has been as romantic as putting the groceries away after a shop. AND WE LOVE IT THIS WAY!

Pressies aside, what really matters is that Kingsley knows that his Ba-Bah has come home finally after two nights away, and that with him comes fun and wrestling (all evening while I prepare dinner), plus a dedication to brushing his toothy pegs after a meal (something I don’t enforce, but then hey, I cook and feed the kidlet, bathe and take him on outings non stop, so teeth cleaning can be relegated to Ba-Bah I say).