02-02-21 Kingsley: Gift to Miss Sanzari

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

You’re reluctant to find Miss Sanzari – all the way in the kindy building – by yourself. You protest this morning and actually sound worried ‘how will I find her?’ and ‘where should I go!? What happens if I get lost?!’ when shoving her wrapped present and hand written card in your hand I insist you give it to Miss Sanzari. For she rang us last night. A phone call! She expressed just how much love she considers Kingsley to have. And wanted me to know that she found out that Kingsley on the first day of school had brought it cookies just for her. But she wasn’t with his class so didn’t get the opportunity to recieve them!

So today Kingsley had a mission: to find Miss Sanzari and give her this present. A sweet smelling candle, a photo of Kingsley and his hand written note. Daddy helped of course, parking in Melody Street, walking Kingsley to the kindy gate when lo! Miss Sanzari appears and Kingsley with great delight and confidence gives her the package.

That’s our boy showing gratitude for his 2020 teacher!

Meanwhile at home a package arrives – from Kingsley’s great grandma Bonnie: books to read! He begins straight away once gone from school, home for lunch before swimming lessons at the Diggers. I only recieve the messages of all this wonderful activity via message for today I am becoming certified to be a First Aider!