Kingsley: Coogee Autumn ’16

April-May 2016

After our big holiday to the USA at the turn of this year – to visit our Nashville family then onto Walt Disney World, Orlando – I thought we should spend time with our Sydney family for Orthodox Easter. Agreeing to this, generous and selfless Erroll sent Kingsley and I to Australia for reunions with friends and family, most of whom came to us at Coogee. In fact, with no car to get around, we make the Coogee Pavilion our bolthole and ask to meet up with friends here, over a Riesling.


Some days we actually venture further away – to Maroubra for dinner with third (mine) and fourth (Kingsley’s) cousins, and over to Brighton for a big post-Easter lunch among another bunch of cousins. But mostly we stay within a three kilometer radius of 60 Brook Street. In fact, Kathy is here from Holland with her beau Roberto so there is much merry-making with the promise made that this lovely couple will accompany Kingsley and I to Dubai, and stay with us for afew days. Perfect!

Autumn in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is a mix of mild to warm and sunny. Jackets by night, bathing suits by day. Here is our holiday in pictures…


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