24-07-20 Twins: 18 Mth Vaccinations

Friday 24th July 2020

As Kingsley gets rushed out the door for last day of school this week, I prepare two little people for their 18 month vaccinations. Each will receive 3 needles in the upper arms. So lets give them a decent breakfast to fill their bellies and make them sleepy.

First up is Keanu quiet and contemplative. At 13kg weight, 84cm in length Keanu sits in the 85th percentile. He’s undresses, held tight by Erroll and before he even knows what’s happened, two jabs have been covered and his third on the other arm has filled him with haemophilus influenza vaccine. Cries for a spell then interested in the plasters I give him.

Elektra is up next. At 14kg and 86cm our girl is bigger than her bro and sits at the 97th percentile. She is one gorgeous sumo! And takes the needles well crying a bit then very pleased to be drinking water. Its thirsty work being beautiful.

Home to play and be curled up in bed by 7pm.