Day 20: Strict Regimen

Sunday 6th March 2016

Now that Erroll is home, my medicine and procedures regimen is a little less lax, for he has taken the manly role of deciding when it is best I take this pill, or shoot up that injection or shove in that pessary. After the earlier debacle where he misplaced my pre-transfer antibiotic, and fed me an unnecessary jusprin, he is taking his role of home pharmacist much more seriously. I.e. Reading doctors instructions before administering anything. Plus his tail is between his legs!!!

We are well into the two week waiting period before a nurse draws blood for what is known as beta-HcG test, and the necessary steps I take right now will, I pray, make all the difference for that one lone embaby to stick it out. My strict regime is as follows: BEROCCA before breakfast; place a pessary where it needs to go (always a squeamish affair); folic acid after breakfast; jusprin followed by gupisone (which I gag at, so bitter and powdery is this strange steroid); then early evening I inject myself with clexane then end the day with a final pessary up you know where. At some stage during daylight hours I also make my way to Healthcare City for a session of acupuncture. I swear, this baby-making business is a full time job.

Morning and evening Erroll rubs my bruised belly and mutters a welcome to the embaby. I feel puffy but gladly will grow fat for the next little one to join us. Here at Casa Hartley, there is not much relaxing about, laying on the couch reading a good novel, waiting for the embryo to stick. Today I once again took Kingsley with me to acupuncture and as a treat to the both of us for schlepping the distance, spent the noon day hours at the luxurious and elegant Raffles Hotel. Below is an image of Kingsley’s payback to me for dragging him out of the comforts of his house full of toys: a swim in the foyer water feature. Oh the shame….

Taking a paddle in the Raffles Hotel foyer water feature

Taking a paddle in the Raffles Hotel foyer water feature