02-06-20 Kingsley: Antibiotics

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Our boy has lots of aches and pains. Throat, glands, gums, lips, eyes and teeth. Its been days of complaints and not eating. His lips are near bursting and a bubble has formed. He won’t eat breakfast saying his tooth hurts. So most reluctantly I send him off to school with barely any food in his belly (just two eggs sunnyside up).

By this afternoon everything still hurts but alarmingly his lips look infected. That bubble has burst so it’s to Dr Eliades who prescribes antibiotics to be taken immediately. He still won’t eat and is not in any mood for jiu-jitsu. So the boys go do their recycling (Kingsley earning $2.50!) and come pick us up from Randwick.

My kind thoughtful eldest imploring his dad to come fetch us so that you’re not out again, in the dark with the babies, μαμά.