40 Weeks Gestation

9 months. Any one who attended elementary school can tell you that a human’s pregnancy lasts 9 months, which roughly equates to 36 weeks. But what is this I hear? 40 weeks is our “true” gestation. ONE MORE MONTH than I had anticipated!!

Now that I am knocked up and irrefutably so, its time to book in scans and ultrasounds, examinations and all manner of tests. This beloved Seahorse has come at a price and no cost is too large for Erroll and I to pay in order to guarantee our little critter remains in there merrily bobbing about, nourishment at the ready, and those 40 weeks the very healthiest I have ever been in my life…

22 weeks gestational age: Seahorse in situ

22 weeks gestational age: Seahorse in situ

This is the story of our Seahorse’s 40 weeks of gestation from the medical wonder of its conception to the moments before its star appearance…

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