28-05-17 Monsoon Spew

Sunday 28th May 2017

Its is torrential stormy heavy rain when we wake at 9am. The first time since we’ve arrived but none of us mind because a) we know the rain doesn’t last all day and b) cool weather is such a novelty for us desert dwellers. And like ducks we squish all the way to Chom Talay breakfast restaurant, meet with Oma, eat enough for six people then squish back to our wing.

Inclement weather after breakfast means only one thing: the joy of hours spent at the Kids Club. Here Kingsley serves me tea, cooks me lunch and bakes bread in his kitchen. He build towers made of foam bricks and destroys them. And when the sun finally made its appearance so did Erroll.

Hours in the pool follow. Kingsley swallows so much chlorinated water he gags. But soldiers on dive bombing and sliding down the slippery slides. I of course enforce a time-out – out of the pool – and order him a banana smoothie a chunky piece of which gets lodged in his throat. What follows is an almighty pool side spew. Sorry staff. I blame the monsoon…