Kingsley: Nashville ’19

Monday 15th July 2019

For winter school holidays I send Kingsley off to see Pa-Paw with his Daddy. The child’s fifth time in Tennessee and as it should be: connecting with kin. Mind you I could not handle all 3 kids at home over the school hols and while Erroll is at work. As if!

Tonight we spoke – Kingsley and I. He asked me what I wanted as a pressie. Told him new undies. Kingsley then bellows it out to Pa-Paw! The child says he’d like to throw a party for me…and that daddy should take better pictures than he currently takes. I laugh. Yes son, daddy has indeed been sending me very poor quality photos.

He loves me. Loves me to the sky (ως τον ουρανό) he says. I tell him I miss him (μου λίπεις) and that when he’s back we’ll take a shower together and I’ll let him shave my legs. Darling Kingsley yelps yippee. Oh how I miss my firstborn. Really miss him; the endless rolling summers of just him and I.

Meanwhile his Daddy keeps on taking crap photos…