Kingsley: Eid Day 3

Tuesday 30th July 2014

Dinner is served at our friend Ahmad’s apartment tonight…and Kingsley and I, Rio and Adam are invited. We will for the first time enjoy traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine. On the menu is fragrant basmati rice topped with toasted pine nuts and almonds, lemon-infused chicken, and a mighty mixed salad. It is widely known that Ahmad is a talented cook and a very generous host. We are in for a treat!

Chef in action.

Chef in action.

Arriving fashionably late at 7:45pm (fifteen minutes is allowable, and late let it be known because of a nappy incident), it is shoes off at the door and slippers on to enter; straight onto the couch for my lazy bum, with Kingsley happy to roam on all fours over the textured cowhide.

Once settled in for the night, I do believe that I ate at least 25 giant stuffed olives even before we got served. Oh and three quarters of the olive bread. Well it was all so delicious it would be plain rude not to honour the host by eating his offerings. As for the main event, I am not bashful in reporting that we all went in for seconds and thirds.

Bravissimo, Ahmad!

Ahmads 011

Rio gives me a break from King to eat my delicious meal.

Ahmads 020

After dinner kisses. Its 11PM when this image is taken and what a champ! Kingsley barely grumbles.

Ahmads 022a

Chef and littlest gourmet diner.


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