07-11-20 Kingsley: Playdate with Lachie & Isaac

Saturday 7th November 2020

Here’s a first: a three friend Playdate at our place. And what a fun success it is! The amount of clearing and vacuum cleaning I did throughout the day saw me take 100,000 steps surely what with the 6 loads of washing hanging up and putting away. Isaac and Lachie two of Kingsley’s best buddies come over bang on 12 noon (while I’m out with Elektra) and stay till 7. We tag team, Erroll and I, to ensure we remain calm and sane, safe from too much exposure to the babies and the big kids. So at any one time as the boys play at home either I am with Elektra at home and Erroll out with Keanu asleep in the car, or he brings Keanu home to me and the boys, therefore taking Elektra out for a sleep in the pram.

The boys get on with so much creativity. They create train tracks as long as the house using 3 rooms and interconnecting lines. Then they use the play doh squishing all the colours together by the end of that session to produce a bland greenybrown that I simply chuck out. Three separate basketball sessions wherein the lads all score and I am their cheerleaders. The kids colour in SpongeBob Square Pants sheets quietly on the small table. They eat non stop throughout the day: pasta, chicken nuggets, milk, banana, chocolate milk, two or three Bulla icecreams, mango. And still,Kingsley will eat a hearty dinner once everyone has left for the night: a slab of παστίτσιο, milk, two crumpets.