Kingsley: 21-01-15 Weekend Mode

Friday 23rd January 2015

10pm: What an extraordinarily relaxing day today has been! Just me and the little champ, in our pyjamas, at home, taking naps and bubble baths (yes, plural!) with nothing to do, and no one to see and most certainly nothing to get dressed for.

Since Erroll is in London on a layover, and I went out for work drinks with the team yesterday evening (enjoying a strong Caprioska may I add) , I made the decision to stay indoors with Kingsley for the whole of Friday. Not hurry him up for any purpose. Rest him like trainers rest thoroughbreds on their off days; I wanted to jump on the child’s natural rhythm while he is at home with me.

So here is a rundown of our excellent, slothful day:

  • Kingsley stirs/babbles/wakes at 6:45 (far too early for both of us), so offer some boob and before you know it, we are both fast asleep again till we finally rise at 9:30AM. Win!
  • Read some books together while still in bed.
  • Kingsley helps me with the laundry: bringing in from the line, washing a load, hanging out on the line, folding, putting away. He hops about on the bed squealing in joy!
  • Play in kitchen/lounge and feed him Weetabix with milk + some banana + yoghurt.
  • Bath #1 and a bottle of milk.
  • Call mum in Sydney for a chat.
  • Nap #1 from 11:45AM till 1:45PM. I, too, pass out!
  • Play and practice walking, then feed him second Weetabix of the day with milk.
  • Skype session with Sylvia: discuss Kingsley’s Christening (nothing yet organized!!)
  • Bath #2 and feed Kingsley third Weetabix of the day with milk then yoghurt while he splashes about.
  • Nap #2 from 4:45 till 6:45PM.
  • Batch cook for the boy’s nursery meals (roughly blended mash of baby pasta + sautéed mushrooms + yesterday’s baked carrots & potatoes). Kingsley taste-tests and he smacks his lips. Winner!
  • Dinner in the highchair: Cheesy scrambled egg + Kiefer drinking yoghurt + fruit puree (banana & peach).
  • 9PM in bed the both of us so calm and pleasantly present in the moment. Keeping Kingsley close helps in shared breathing, touch, warmth, and awareness of any difficulties. He is remarkably at ease and happy, sleeps overpowers him quickly, with no tears, when he is stuck to my side. King crashes out and I of course jump on social media, the modern devil that it is!!!

The child takes yoghurt at least twice a day


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