29-06-20 Kingsley: Isaac Over

Monday 29th June 2020

These two are firebrands when together. Neither listen; both steal my phone and watch or play games on it. Thankfully Isaac is a great influence on Kingsley insofar as building vast rail road tracks on the balcony, meaning those boxes of train tracks in Kingsley’s room actually get used and enjoyed.

But then again Isaac’s an awful influence on him: when I offer fruit, yoghurt, milk, cheese, cheesy toasties or cheese pasta, Isaac says no to any of it. Turning Kingsley off his food after school is very difficult, yet if Isaac’s not eating, then Kingsley isn’t either.

EXASPERATED, I offer them each a Cornetto which they completely enjoy. And before their second Cornetto afew hours later I make them eat a banana each (while playing Hotwheels) and an apple. Mama’s job is now done.