24-06-18 Poorly

Sunday 24th June 2018

We have a poorly child. All day in low spirits and lethargic. Vomit bug strikes when we leave the apartment for a stroll to the park and the first floor common areas as well as inside Marīna’s apartment is hit by the deluge.

But it wasn’t like that this morning though Kingsley’s been off his mornng eggs now two days straight (so I figure something isn’t right). In fact the child sleeps through till 8am (albeit with the help of Neuofen and Panadol throughout the night) then makes shapes of flowers using pegs, with his JiaJia during a vety light breakfast…

But he claims to be restored after the spew so we pay his cousins a visit. Βασίλη and Αλίκη play soccer with him for an hour, he places afew goals and all agree to hit the beach Kingsley most of all five cousins keen.

After a good play in the water with his little mate Markel the sickness strikes again. Kingsley claims to be feeling cold. And he feels hot to the touch. And is off his food and for the first time ever, agrees to sit on a beach chair huddling his two towels Thęa Marīna draped over him.

He’s worse at home passing out during non stop Nickelodeon shows…