25-12-18 Caristo Pool Party

Sunday 25th November 2018

Today we commute. With pleasure we walk to the local tennis courts, catch the 374, arrive at Central, discover busses have replaced trains on the South Line, walk 600 meters to catch a bus to Sydenham, catch a train to Hurstville and get collected from there by Alana & Julia. And neither of them noticed I’m heavily preggo!

Its not until we’re all back at their place surrounding Mr. T’s (large turtle) tank and a wee gust of hot breeze lifts my frock leaving Alana mouth agape trying as best as she can to stop staring at my belly.

‘Are you looking at something?’ I ask Alana. ‘Er, ah…I want to ask but I don’t want to…are you pregnant?’ She is nervous but immediately I smile and nod and let the girls know that yes indeed I’m pregnant!!

Linus is excited as much as the Caristos. Then he tells them mumma has two babies in there! Madness ensues. Kids throw themselves in the pool, on the trampoline, and into the games room.

A fantastic pool party at Caristos and better than I ever imagined of how I’d break the news to them.