15-11-17 The Cruz Family

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Kingsley made a new friend today, 15 month old Michael, son to Mary and Fandy Cruz – good people we met recently whom we’ve befriended. Not at all well off this cute family live in far away Sharjah and struggle with essentials for their little man. We invited them over and put on cake and coffee. Kingsley nearly flipped out from happiness that he was getting a play mate for the day. At first Michael was shy; Kingsley exuberant. Michael clung to dad Fandy; Kingsley showed his toys to his guest. Soon enough those the lure of colourful and loud plastic toys gave enough reason for Michael to tear away from his dad and join Kingsley on the mat.

By the afternoon both boys found their groove, playing side by side which gave us parents pause to eat JiaJia Dora’s cake and for the Hartley’s to give a suitcase full of pre-loved pressies to the Cruz’s. Kingsley’s potty, clothes, shoes, toys. At first Kingsley expressed reticence to part from his beloved potty however he soon found joy in handing over colourful items and even encouraged Michael to take the IKEA Abacus. The kiddo dragged that abacus round our apartment not letting it go till home time.

Friends for life, and happy recipients of our gifts we invited the Cruz’s over again once we’re back from the States. We’d all love that especially the little ones who are now firm mates…