27-08-19 Twins: Babysitter Thais

Tuesday 27th August 2019

We survive our first night by ourselves no γιαγια’ς help in the dark hours, no bottles of formula, no sleep-ins for me.

How it went: Erroll sleeps with Linus, both passed out by 7:15. Elektra is already in her bassinet fed, bathed and changed by Marlen by 6pm. I take Keanu to beb with a bottle of Aspen’ s SMA; mere minutes before he’s snoring. I stupidly stay up till 11pm, the internet’s lure too strong a hold on my wesk brain.

Don’t know what time it is when Elektra calls for cuddles and a boob. Its dark, I’d say 4 or 5am. She gets both, we jump in bed and here she wants to party. An hour of dancing and boobing! Finally out for ir the count and we all go to sleep.

7:30am Keanu calls. The family is up for the day and together eating avocado & banana mash, taking photos, me putting Elektra for her nap, Erroll takes Keanu, and we stay like this till daddy goes to work.

Thais our Brazilian babysitter arrives today at 2. Will report tomorrow.