Kingsley: 27-1-14 Sleep

A mummy friend of mine once told me that I should forget about getting my newborn son into any semblance of routine before he turns 3 months of age. What? What about my routine? That deep seated need of 12 hour solid straight slumber – will I ever get this back, I asked her. When will Kingsley comply with his mummy’s bedtime requirements??

Fast forward to now – at 7 weeks our boy should be getting about 15 hours of sleep per day. However, he is still very little and is not getting this sleep at the times when he’s supposed to sleep. Apparently it is my job to help him learn the right times to sleep and get the most out of his bedtime.

Kingsley at home laying in his bed.

Kingsley at home laying in his bed.

Kingsley is right now learning about his new environment. Somehow I must ensure that this can be easily identified as either “day” or “night” – a critical distinction for sleeping. Apparently, babies at this age sleep up to 10 hours per night (not without many interruptions may I add). And according to the books, a 7 week old can make it about 6 hours without waking up. WHAT??? WHO?!! This is certainly not Kingsley, who startles even himself during the night with his wakeful, hungry, grizzly carry on…

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