05-01-21 Kingsley: Daddy Flies

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Here’s some unwelcome news: Erroll has been called in to fly and not return to Coogee till Friday night! Aghh so nervous about being left on my own with the three wontons! Poor Kingsley is stuck in a loop of reading books (reluctantly at first but then loves the story it tells once he gets started) and playing app games on my phone.

Game playing is right up his alley and he’s obsessed but I’m obsessed with his ploughing through each and every book of his before Year 2 commences. We’re on track! He cries, he carries on, he calls me the worst mum ever but I won’t give up on him! And I must make amends since I’m the one who introduced him to games (by virtue of his exploring my phone, and discovering apps). So to counter the damage of playing, his eyes get to stretch with reading.